Michal Waechter Recently Joined an Episode of the Brand Collaborative Podcast

Waechter Consulting

In this episode, we are joined by Michal Waechter, a seasoned healthcare administration professional with over a decade of experience in the San Antonio market. Michal has honed her expertise in various aspects of the healthcare sector, from business development and strategy to program execution and operational improvement. Beyond her professional endeavors, Michal is deeply involved in the community, serving on several non-profit boards and balancing her time with her husband and three children.

Our guest today is also the founder of Waechter Consulting Group (WCG), a female-owned business established in 2017, specializing in healthcare business development strategies. WCG caters to the San Antonio and surrounding communities, offering tailored plans to help medical practices grow their market presence and increase patient volume. Their comprehensive approach encompasses strategic planning, programmatic development, operational improvement, marketing, outreach, and consumer engagement to empower clients in achieving their objectives.

Listen in to discover how Waechter Consulting Group is committed to enhancing medical practices by customizing business development strategies that optimize performance, all while physicians continue to focus on providing quality patient care.

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